We’re Going to Jackson / by Brian Beck

After “The Ordeal” in Arches, we were more than grateful to be back on the road Monday and still in one piece.  For as filthy a job as it was, it was a manageable parking lot repair and after a few test stops, I deemed the old girl road-worthy.  We headed north at about 10am towards I-70 and then through Provo and finally into the mountains where US 89 weaves in and out of Idaho and Wyoming before cutting east for good.

As we closed the last hundred miles, we drove into a full-on late-summer storm, complete with sky-filling lightning.  It was the first real downpour I’ve had the pleasure of navigating in my land yacht and I discovered quickly that it handles more like a surfboard than a car.  Taking no more chances, I kept it under 50 until we were through the worst of it.  As we closed in on Jackson, the weather cleared into a glorious and moody evening, the kind you have to see to appreciate.  Fortunately, my co-pilot shot some video, so come along with us!